Hymathon2021 – awardees, and recorded talks

During Hymathon 2021, the ISH executive committee awarded the following:

ISH 2020 Distinguished Research Medal: Donald Quicke

ISH Service Award: Natalie Dale-Skey

Student Presentation Competition winners: Aymer Andrés Vásquez Ordóñez (Americas session), Jessa Thurman (Australasian session), Michael Haas (Europe, Middle East, Africa Session).

We hope you enjoyed presenting or attending #Hymathon2021. Please let us know how we can improve the next ISH online symposium by completing the brief survey at the link below.

In 2021, The International Society of Hymenopterists (ISH) proudly presented:

#Hymathon2021: a 24 hour marathon online symposium dedicated to all aspects of the order Hymenoptera!

Watch the recorded talks