Hamuli Winter 2023 Issue now available

Happy New Year, Hymenopterists! Whilst it’s now 2024 (apologies from your webmaster for being slow on the upload), you can read the final issue of Hamuli from 2023 here!

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Many thanks to our fantastic editorial team, Emma Kärrnäs, Cristina Vasilita and Louis Nastasi, for another engaging issue of the society newsletter!

New issue of Hamuli is here!

As our conference begins today in Romania, you can fill the spare time (or fill the empty Hymenoptera-shaped-hole in your heart if you are not at the conference) by reading the new issue of Hamuli!

This issue is the first from our wonderful new editorial team. We get the chance to meet Editor-in-Chief Emma Kärrnäs, Submissions Editor Cristina Vasilita, and Layout Editor Louis Nastasi in the new issue, so read on to learn more about the fantastic new team! A special thanks to our previous editor, Carly Tribull, for all their hard work on previous issues.

A reminder that you need to be a financial member and logged into the website to access the newsletters.

Call for nominations: President-Elect & Student Representative

Dear ISH members,

The Nominating Committee is asking for your suggestions for candidates, which may be yourself or a third person, for the positions of President-Elect and Student Representative, which will become vacant later this year.

The President-Elect is a 2-year position, followed by 2 years as President, and then 2 years as Past-President. Of course, the position of President-Elect requires a high level of commitment, so the two final candidates that enter the election will have to agree first, but verifying their agreement will be the task of the Nominations Committee.

The Student Representative will serve for two years, and their responsibilities will include in particular:

  *   Preparing reports on ISH student activities to be presented at yearly business meetings

  *   Taking part in ISH Executive meetings

  *   Organising student lunches in connection with in person meetings

  *   Updating the student of ISH Facebook and Twitter accounts

  *   Helping with setting up student competitions

We are asking for suggestions of one or two persons who you think would be suitable for either position. Please send your suggestions by October 10, 2022 to the following addresses:

Miles Zhang: yuanmeng.zhang [at] gmail.com (or another of us)

 The Nominating Committee

Petr Janšta

Miles Zhang

Dominique Zimmerman

ISH Symposium at ESA

Dear Hymenopterists,

There will be an in-person ISH symposium during the Entomological Society of America in Vancouver in November 2022:

Sunday 13 November 2022 13:30 to 15:30, followed by a social

Vancouver Convention Centre, Meeting Room 220

(see https://www.eventscribe.net/2022/JAM2022/agenda.asp?startdate=11/13/2022&enddate=11/13/2022&BCFO=&pfp=FullSchedule&mode=&fa=&fb=&fc=&fd=)

This year we are introducing an open session (from 14:10): this is an opportunity for ISH members to present work that would not have fitted well in the official ESA program, make short communications (or give a presentation if you missed the deadline for submission…); the format is open but presentations will be limited to a maximum of 15 minutes. If it is Hymenoptera related we want to hear about it!

If you are interested please send a title and short abstract, to n.dale-skey [at] nhm.ac.uk before 31 October 2022. The presentations in this session will not be included in the ESA program but will be circulated to the membership in advance of the meeting.

Hymathon 2022

Once again, the The International Society of Hymenopterists (ISH) proudly presents Hymathon, a 24 hour marathon of presentations relating to the order Hymenoptera!

31 March – 1 April 2022 (depending on time zone)

Held over Zoom, Hymathon will be separated into three sessions over multiple time zones. This year we also have a photo competition!

Make sure you submit abstracts by 1 March 2022.

More info and to register, head here!

New issue of Hamuli!

Get excited my hymenopterist friends, as the new issue of Hamuli, the society newsletter, is here!

Many thanks to our wonderful editor, Carly Tribull, for all her work putting the issue together.

You can find the new issue, along with previous recent issues, here (note you’ll need to be a logged-in financial member to view the page and download the pdf).

Postponement of the 2022 ISH Congress

Dear ISH members,

First of all I would like to thank those of you that participated in the survey on a potential postponement of the next ISH Congress. Yesterday, the ISH executive and the members of the organising committee of the ISH Romania Congress held a digital meeting to discuss the results of this survey. Of the 89 ISH members that participated, more than 2/3 (69,6%) were either in favour of postponing (43,8%) or were at least ambiguous about holding the congress in 2022 (25,8%). Only 28,1% of ISH members would prefer to have the ISH congress take place in 2022 as planned.

During our discussion, the vast majority of the ISH executive and the organising committee agreed with the overall response of ISH members and also expressed strong concerns about the potential risks of continuing the planning of the congress for 2022. We therefore decided to postpone the ISH Romania Congress until 2023. We will announce the exact dates in early 2022. Thereafter ISH will return to the normal congress cycle, i.e. the 11th Congress will be in 2026). On a more positive note, we also decided that we should have a special event in December 2022 to mark the 40th anniversary of ISH (in addition to Hymathon, scheduled to take place in March).

We hope to see you all in 2023 in Iași, Romania.

Best wishes

Lars Krogmann (ISH president), Mircea-Dan Mitroiu, Lucian Fusu and Ovidiu Popovici (ISH congress organising committee)