Call for nominations: President-Elect & Student Representative

Dear ISH members,

The Nominating Committee is asking for your suggestions for candidates, which may be yourself or a third person, for the positions of President-Elect and Student Representative, which will become vacant later this year.

The President-Elect is a 2-year position, followed by 2 years as President, and then 2 years as Past-President. Of course, the position of President-Elect requires a high level of commitment, so the two final candidates that enter the election will have to agree first, but verifying their agreement will be the task of the Nominations Committee.

The Student Representative will serve for two years, and their responsibilities will include in particular:

  *   Preparing reports on ISH student activities to be presented at yearly business meetings

  *   Taking part in ISH Executive meetings

  *   Organising student lunches in connection with in person meetings

  *   Updating the student of ISH Facebook and Twitter accounts

  *   Helping with setting up student competitions

We are asking for suggestions of one or two persons who you think would be suitable for either position. Please send your suggestions by October 10, 2022 to the following addresses:

Miles Zhang: yuanmeng.zhang [at] (or another of us)

 The Nominating Committee

Petr Janšta

Miles Zhang

Dominique Zimmerman