#Hymathon2022: A 24 hour marathon of Hymenoptera

Once again, the The International Society of Hymenopterists (ISH) proudly presented Hymathon, a 24 hour marathon of presentations relating to the order Hymenoptera!

#Hymathon2022 was held over 31 March – 1 April 2022, and included 40 presentations from hymenopterists in 20 countries.

Many thanks to all the presenters, attendees, judges and organisers!

Organising committee and session chairs:

  • Natalie Dale-Skey
  • Miles Zhang (Americas session chair)
  • Erinn Fagan-Jeffries (East Asia and Australasia session chair)
  • Jessica Awad (Europe, Middle East, Africa session chair)
  • Taisuke Kawano (Photo competition)

Student Presentation Prize winners:

  • 15 minute presentation (Americas session):
    • 1st Prize: Louis Nastasi
    • 2nd Prize: Zach Griebonnow 
  • 15 minute presentation (East Asia and Australasia session):
    • 1st Prize: Juriya Okayasu
  • 15 minute presentation (Europe, Middle East, Africa session):
    • 1st Prize: Adrien Mathou
    • 2nd Prize: Amelie Höcherl
  • 5 minute presentations:
    • 1st Prize: Miglė Lazauskaitė

The scorecard for 15 minute student presentations is available here.

Photo Competition

In connection with #Hymathon2022, we invited all ISH members to take part in a photo competition.

Images could be entered in the following categories:

  • Microphotography (Hymenoptera specimens)
  • Macrophotography (live Hymenoptera)
  • Hymenopterists in action (which could include field work pictures, humorous or intriguing pictures of hymenopterists at work, pictures related to difficulties associated with the COVID pandemic and how work adapted to circumstances, etc.)

Find all the photo competition entries here!

Find the program and abstracts from #Hymathon2022 here!